I started a long time ago to treat golf as a professional sport and full-time profession. In college it was the first time I started working with a trainer and working out in the right direction for the best of my game. When I’m not playing in a tournament, I practice from 6-8 hours a day. In tournament weeks I still workout 4 times a week, specially a lot of core exercises and TPI stretching. I’m always trying to improve my conditioning so I can be a better golfer and athlete.

My basic routine starts with warm up cardio, TPI stretching, core exercises, weight training and cardio. My physical trainer, Randy Myers, designed a great program that works my Stability, Mobility, Balance of my upper body and endurance. My training sessions are intense and require several goals that motivate my workout. Here’s a look at my typical routine.


Cardio is fundamental to my training program. I start warming up with 5-10 min on the bike or a run.

I enjoy cardio; helps me think about my game, and reminds me of my short and long term goals. Cardio also builds endurance and helps deliver oxygen to the muscles, which gets me ready for my weights session.

Core and flexibility training

Flexibility training is a major component of my regimen. I stretch up to 25 minutes before each workout. MYTPI stretching program consist of 15-20 exercises intended for golf performance improvement. For golfers, core strength is just as important as flexibility. Core muscles help me control movement and transfer of energy. My core training builds overall strength and flexibility to maintain an ideal state of posture and symmetry.

Weight training

My weight-training program is designed for Stability, Mobility and Balance. I lift to enhance my entire body because golf requires upper and lower symmetry. The idea is to build strength and core; I lift weight at higher reps, usually 25-30, because I am going for endurance instead of big muscle. Golfers are always hunched over, so it’s important to strengthen the back and shoulders to support good posture which is a big fundamental in my swing. Also, legs are very important for every swing, so my goal is to create a strong power base.

My Mobility workout helps my ability to generate power from my lower body and stabilize my posture during the swing. Also working my glute muscles on both sides encourage good strength and stability.

During my weight session I like to mix MYTPI exercises for a good stretch of my muscles and be ready to play golf after. Finally I like to enjoy a Protein shake 30 min prior to my workout! Latest

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